Brands Of Bottled Water

Brands Of Bottled Water


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In the USA right now there are approximately 86 brands of bottled water! Mind boggling, to say the least. Even though America and the rest of the world are in a massive recession, the booming bottled water industry has not lost any of its luster. And, truth be told, the practice of carrying around a bottle of water is still ‘trendy’, especially the brands that are considered connoisseur. Each brand claims it is the “cleanest and purest” so it has become very difficult to tell one from the other without digging a little deeper.

What laws and regulations govern bottled water
In the USA each state has requirements of companies that make bottled water. The bottling company must obtain a permit from the Dept. of Health to make sure that the water is from an approved and non-contaminated source and that the bottling plant is run in a safe and sanitary way. At the very least you can be fairly certain that the bottled water you buy in the US is not contaminated.

For many years the impact of tap water on the overall health of people led them to turn to bottled water as an alternate source. There used to be fewer choices in the brands of bottled water but that is now changing. For your water cooler you could pay to have the large bulky plastic water bottles delivered or purchase distilled water gallon jugs from grocery stores.

But nowadays there are a number of different brands of bottled water available, which include several big distributors like Coke and Pepsi. However, the question remains; are these different brands of bottled water really safe in comparison to tap water or it would be better to use a water filtration system?

Many people with concerns about their health choose bottled water as they feel that it offers you a safer and healthier type of drinking water. They are expensive but consumers choose them as, after all, they are advertised as pure glacier water or natural spring water.

But if you look at them a bit closer you can see which are pure and which are not. There are only some brands of bottled water that provide you water coming from natural springs. Many more simply use municipal tap water that is filtered. The companies that make bottled water are able to escape from false marketing claims because the standards and regulations are less strict in comparison to residential sources of drinking water.

FDA Bottled Water
Is there such a thing as FDA bottled water? No, there isn’t. The different brands of bottled water are regulated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) while systems of municipal drinking water are typically monitored by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). It does not mean that the FDA is not doing their job properly. It only means that standards and rules for bottled water should be as good as tap water, not necessarily better.

Besides this the FDA rules are only applied to bottled water which is transported across state borders. This means if the company sells their water in the same state where it was bottled, federal rules will not apply. Because of this these brands of bottled water might not be as safe as filtered water or reverse osmosis bottled water.

Thus it is necessary to research bottle water brands whenever you are spending money on them. There are many brands available in the marketplace, like Poland Spring Water, Alhambra Bottled Water and DS Waters of America, and you need to select the right one for your needs and pocketbook. And also consider whether or not they have been monitored by the FDA.