Tap vs Bottled Water

Tap Vs Bottled Water

If we talk about Tap Vs Bottled Water then in the United States and many other countries people believe that bottled water is safer and healthier for you. This thought process in America and other developed countries is barely noticeable in Third World countries.

Since Americans and others are so concerned about the health aspects of drinking water they consume the amount of water the body requires in the form of bottled water. Therefore in the argument of Tap Vs Bottled Water, bottled water is more effective for your health, simply because we drink more of it.

But in reality if we consider Tap Vs Bottled Water, is bottled water really that much safer in comparison to tap water? While some people argue that consuming water in the form of bottled water gives you pure and fresh water, there are some other people who are adamant that municipal tap water is just as safe.

Recently a scientific study has shown that in the fight of Tap Vs Bottled Water, bottled water is not any healthier than tap or filtered water. We simply choose bottled water because of convenience.

Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap If you are still stuck in the argument of Tap Vs Bottled Water then you may be surprised to learn that bottled water is sometimes drawn from the public water supply. In this case the bottled water you’re paying for could be gotten for free from your tap! Bottled water is listed as a food product, so it is regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The argument of Tap Vs Bottled Water has been never ending because sometimes bottled water is not safe to consume and sometime tap or filtered water is not safe to consume. Bottled water is much safer to consume if it comes from a well or natural springs that haven’t had any impact from surface water contamination. You can usually trust the bottled water distributors that have been in the water delivery business for a very long time as their reputation depends on quality.

Bottled water, on the surface, appears to be fresher and purer when compared to tap water or public water but since both are regulated by government agencies, it is difficult to say which is better for your health. So whenever you want to have bottled water then select the brand that you feel is the safest and purest.